Hiking in Berlin

I experienced hiking Berlin style today. In Berlin, hiking means to go for a walk in the “wilderness”. In Berlin, “wilderness” refers to the bushy bits between the buildings :) We took the train to the outskirts of town, then meandered our way through the suburbs, into some beautiful small parks with lots of bush, stopped for ice cream near the local palace then headed over to a lake. The weather was not compatible with swimming, but it was definitely compatible with walking. Lots of fun :)

Ryan Hellyer

Selfie plus a view of the lakeside from onboard the ferry :)

Walking track near Berlin

Großer Müggelsee, a lake on the outskirts of Berlin

Großer Müggelsee, a lake on the outskirts of Berlin

Großer Müggelsee

Mid hike street

The “hike” included some city streets, just to spice things up a bit.

Monster beetle

This freakishly huge beetle looked like it was about to eat me ailve. The locals didn’t seem alarmed, so I’m assuming it is harmless though :)

Wendenschloß, an old palace.

Wendenschloß, an old palace.

Rathaus Köpenick, the local townhall.

Rathaus Köpenick, the local townhall.

One thought on “Hiking in Berlin

  1. These pictures do look fantastic. Sometimes the right city scape can be just as attractive as the country side

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