Ma nu room

I’m staying in a totally sweet new flat in Berlin. I found out about it from an old acquaintance from my years at Corstorphine school, Caroline van Zyl. She was renting out a few rooms in her place, so I moved in a few days ago. I hadn’t seen her since ~1990, so it was nice to finally catch up :)

My new room

Time to lose the fat!

I realised on Saturday that I am officially a fatty! That gut isn’t being poked out in this photo, that’s just what it looks like when I’m standing. I honestly didn’t realise how chubby I’d got until I was looking through a bunch of photos taken of me that day. I somehow became used to my gut bulging out in a disgusting kinda way. With that in mind, I will be regularly exercising from now on. Looking down and not being able to see my dick is not something I want to experience later in life!


This is me standing on a rock in Sächsische Schweiz

FYI, I blame yummy Berlin food and severe laziness for my current physical state.

Wing walking!

I headed to the Berlin Airshow with new friends Mo and Madalina.

Ze Germans put on a terrific show, including this crazy nutter who decided it was a smart idea to stand on the wing whilst doing a turnover!
Wing walker

Hiking in Berlin

I experienced hiking Berlin style today. In Berlin, hiking means to go for a walk in the “wilderness”. In Berlin, “wilderness” refers to the bushy bits between the buildings :) We took the train to the outskirts of town, then meandered our way through the suburbs, into some beautiful small parks with lots of bush, stopped for ice cream near the local palace then headed over to a lake. The weather was not compatible with swimming, but it was definitely compatible with walking. Lots of fun :)

Ryan Hellyer

Selfie plus a view of the lakeside from onboard the ferry :)

Walking track near Berlin

Großer Müggelsee, a lake on the outskirts of Berlin

Großer Müggelsee, a lake on the outskirts of Berlin

Großer Müggelsee

Mid hike street

The “hike” included some city streets, just to spice things up a bit.

Monster beetle

This freakishly huge beetle looked like it was about to eat me ailve. The locals didn’t seem alarmed, so I’m assuming it is harmless though :)

Wendenschloß, an old palace.

Wendenschloß, an old palace.

Rathaus Köpenick, the local townhall.

Rathaus Köpenick, the local townhall.

Cherry Court Lodge

I have vivid memories from my childhood. One of the things I remember most vividly, is having dinner at Cherry Court Lodge in Dunedin, where my Dad worked from around the time I was born until I turned five. I still recall having frogs legs for dinner. I don’t know why I liked them so much, but it might have had something to do with the attention I got when I selected it off the menu.

Fast forward 30 years, and I was having dinner in a nice French restaurant in Berlin, so I figured I’d tackle that age old delicacy which I hadn’t tried since those early years. It still tastes pretty good. There aint much meat on those bones though. It’s probably fine for a four year old, but this 34 year old needs a lot more than frogs legs to fill his puku these days ;)

Frogs legs