Shoulder surgery

I’m having a Bankart repair done on my shoulder on Monday. Below are some photos of my shoulder. Uunfortunately you can’t see much damage as it’s the soft tissue which needs repaired. My shoulder pops out of the socket on a regular basis ever since I was body checked in a non-contact ice hockey game. I even managed to dislocate it picking up a bottle of coke the other day!

Here is a video explaining the type of surgical procedure I’ll probably be getting.

Brighton sunset

I travelled to Brighton in Southern England to visit my friend Kerry Perkins. There were lots of lobster coloured people on the beach, er stones. Nice place, but I’d recommend avoiding the fish ‘n’ chips, they’re a little nasty. Below is a nice photo taken from the Brighton pier at sunset.

After hanging out in Brighton, Kerry and I headed north to see London on skates :)

Lightning does strike twice!

Remember my post about being run over by a car? It happened again!

Except this time it happened to my flatmate, and by ‘it happened again’, I mean literally. Mary was mowed down by an evil man at exactly the same corner, on exactly the same side of the street and going in exactly the same direction! Conveniently she also wasn’t too badly injured either, just some aches, pains and bruises.

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