Bode Cave

Our uber awesome, wonderful and truly incredible professional ice hockey coach Jenel Bode is leaving :( Hopefully she’ll be back next year though :)

Rhyan McMillan and Jenel Bode inside the cave at Longbeach

Rhyan McMillan and our uber awesome coach Jenel Bode

For her goodbye bash, she organised a goodbye party in a cave at Longbeach. It sounded boring, getting stuck in a cave all evening on a cold, wet, rainy day :( Luckilly Sarah was heading out to take Jane so I hitched a ride along so I could make an appearance and bail home early with Sarah. Darn glad I went though, coz it was totally awesome. The cave was wicked, the fire kept us all cosy warm, everyone had fun and there was loads of entertainment provided by my teammates who provided firebreathing, guitar and flame throwing demonstrations for us all. There were even baby blue penguins in the back of the cave hanging out with us!

Neil Dudley and Rob Owens waving fire #1

Neil Dudley and Rob Owens demonstrating how much effort it takes to burn human skin Continue reading

Swinging Beasts

After playing a round at Stewarts Gully Mini Golf, the Beasts found other ways to stay amused, including swinging and tandem bike riding aroung the golf course.

Jane Soper on swing #1

Jane Soper providing amusement to the team by swinging towards a tree at full pelt

Rob Owens on swing #1

Neil Dudley doing a jig while Rob Owens learns why Jane Soper was so scared on the swing

Chris and Jane on bike

Chris Laing and Jane Soper riding a tandem

Jane Soper on swing #2

Jane Soper in full flight

Stewarts Gully Mini Golf

The Beasts (my ice hockey team) headed to Stewarts Gully Mini Golf. The facility is owned by Clive Murphie, a top bloke who is also heavily involved with the Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club who we played against in Christchurch. As it says on the label, this is “Mini Golf”, so basically big golf shrunk to a small size, no castles, water features or other fandangled things to navigate, just good old putting greens.

Clive Murphie: Stewarts Gully Mini Golf

Clive Murphie, the owner of the course

Jane Soper watching Estelle Baker putting

Estelle Baker expertly sinking the ball in the hole after some advice from Jane Soper (on right). Conveniently I clicked the shutter just as the ball was falling into the hole.

Jason Sedgwick playing mini-golf

Jason Sedgwick kicking some serious butt on the greens

Jane Soper playing mini-golf

Jane Soper playing catch up

Neil Dudley slap shotting a golf ball

Neil Dudley aiming for 18th hole … from the 1st tee

Estelle Baker playing mini golf

Estelle Baker putting for gold

GimpCam and NetCam

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about GimpCam and NetCam recently. To save me feeling like a broken record, here’s a selection of pre-prepared answers …

  • Yes I did look like a gimp while wearing it
  • No I’m not going to lend it to you to wear to school
  • No it doesn’t have X-ray vision
  • No I don’t use it to spy on girls in the changing room
  • No I’m not going to lend it to you for that purpose!
  • No I’m not going to buy a pinhole camera instead (too expensive)
  • Yes GimpCam and NetCam have the same internals
  • It cost $80 from a dodgy computer store in SE Calgary
  • Yes NetCam is housed inside a tupperware container and no I’m not going to integrate it inside the goal post instead
  • Yes GimpCam looks stupid and no it can’t fit inside the lip at the top of my helmet
  • Yes I am considering allowing goalies to wear GimpCam but I need to find an appropriate way to protect it as its unlikely to survive a puck impact in it’s current form
  • No I’m not planning to stream it direct to a projector screen in the warm room
  • Last of all, NO! You are not allowed to fire slapshots at my head while I’m wearing GimpCam!

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What Now!

I’m now famous! My rather crappy videos have made their way onto the What Now TV show. I received an email from them the other day asking if they could screen some of my videos of the recent New Zealand Ice Hockey National Championships on their show. Pity I didn’t know before hand as I’d have prepared some far better quality footage for them.


What Now: If you are reading this and don’t want it posted here, then email me via the form on my contact page and I’ll remove it ASAP.